Our Antennas

We only use durable outdoor HD digital commercial antenna from trusted brands like Channel Master, Winegard and Sky Blue. We do not use gimmick window flatware or plastic flat panel antennas. Our commercial antennas are guaranteed to withstand the Chicago area severe local winter weather or your money back. That’s why we are the only company that provides a full 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Check out our new Sky Blue antennas that have a 5 year warranty.

The short range metro 7694 and SB20

The 7694/SB20 are our most popular HD antennas. The 7694/SB20 digital HDTV antennas receive HDTV programming. These reliable television antennas picks up the UHF and high VHF band and has a TV reception range of 40 – 45 miles. These high definition antennas are high powered and are best in its class. (These are our most popular models for the Chicago area market due to their small size and low profile)

Rated up to 45 miles

The medium range suburban 2018 and SB22

The 2018/SB22 are our medium range antennas. Their ideal for medium distances and attic mount applications. The 2018/SB22 are compact outdoor TV antennas which will allow you to receive UHF, high VHF, FM and HD signals. For high VHF this antenna has a signal range of up to 45+ miles and will pick up available local channels from 174 to 216 MHz. For UHF, it has a signal range of up to 60+ miles and will pick up available local channels from 470 to 700 MHz.

Rated up to 60 miles